Any Castle scoop for us this week?

You could say that. Episode 21, I have learned, is titled “Law & Boarder,” while 22, you may have heard, is called “Veritas.” That brings us to the season finale, and while unconfirmed by ABC, I’m hearing it’s titled “For Better or For Worse,” and the guest roles being cast include a motorcycle gang leader, an ex-mob boss, a stripper and an… officiant… of some sort. :-O


Beckett: Why don’t we just take a minute and write down the names of all the people that absolutely, positively have to be there - no matter what - to make us happy.

"Stay close, if Hector’s as dangerous as advertised, things might get a little hairy".

ABC has announced the finale date for “Castle” season 6 (ET time): Mon, May 12, 2014 10:01-11:00PM